Equipment specifications



Sony Full HD installation projector, model VPL-FH500L, with 1920x1080 resolution and 7000 Lm brightness, guarantees good quality of images and reliable service in different environments. The projector has a motor-operated focus, wide range of lens shift and a function of the geometric distortions correction (V).


EliteScreens, motor-operated, wall-mounted
160" x 140" (406.4 x 355.6 cm)  = 200" (508 cm) (4:3) 
160" x 100" (406.4 x 254 cm) = 188.7" (478,3 cm) (16:10)
Protection type: MaxWhite Plus

DVD-karaoke BBK DMP1027HD

With the help of multi-format MKV DVD-player DMP1027HD you can play HD-video (up to 1080) from common DVD-disks and external USB. DMP1027HD can generate a full HD signal provided that HD content is recorded in MKV (Matroska) format and coded by H.264 code. The player has HDMI interface in order to transmit a signal to the display screen without loss. Support of FAT16, FAT32, NTFS systems allow to connect external disks or USB almost with any memory to the player. The model has КАРАОКЕ++ system and microphone input: you may sing karaoke and get grades for singing from any DVD karaoke disk. DolbyDigital and DTS multichannel sound decoders stand for qualitative dimensional sound; multichannel acoustics can be connected to the player (audio input 5.1CH is provided). Pre-installed games are included as the entertaining capacity of the DMP1027HD player.

DUNE media player

Dune HD Smart H1 is a fully-functional universal media player allowing to display video of standard and high definition up to Full HD (1080) from your own media as well as from the local network and the Internet (IP-TV, Internet TV, Internet services of video files storage).

Remote controller

Kramer RC-8IR is a unique multifunctional control board of wall-mounted device allowing to remotely and centrally control audio, video and other equipment (projectors, amplifiers, video recorders, DVD and others) of the presentation hall (classroom, lecture hall, meeting room). RC-8IR has eight marked programmable buttons with highlights. The device is able to perform up to 15 previously programmed commands. Two low-voltage relays are designated for supporting systems control of the presentation hall (light, curtains, screen, etc.).

You can connect up to four (2x2) infrared transmitters for remote control. There are two bidirectional sequential ports RS-232 for control of commutation and images parameters, sequential port RS-485, Ethernet port for control and settings. Infrared control channel is able to remember commands programmed on other equipment’s remote controllers. RC-8IR can be controlled by buttons on the front panel and through Ethernet. The device is supplied with fixed voltage of 12 V. 

Multimedia recorder

WORK MULTIPLAYER 3R is a multimedia USB/SD player/recorder. It reproduces MP3 and WMA files as well as permits to record a signal transmitted to the linear input, USB and SD media (MP3 record format). It is possible to record from USB media to SD card and vice versa. Operational modes: Random, Play all, Repeat, program, mute, etc.



Behringer AUTOCOM PRO-XL MDX1600 is an interactive 2-chanel expander/gate/compressor/ reference class peak limiter with integrated dynamic enhancer, de-esser and LowContour low-frequency filter.

Whether you are recording, mixing or mastering Behringer MDX2600 gives you total sound dynamic control. This dynamic processor includes all of the features you would expect from a reference class compressor, plus a voice-adaptive de-esser, a new dynamic enhancer, authentic tube emulation and much more. Behringer MDX2600 is a device producing clean audio with ultra-high signal quality.

This processor also has a unique dynamic IDE enhancer which can be regulated providing an accurate musical compensation of strong broadband compression side effect expressed in reducing of the signal high-frequency harmonics at low signal peaks. 

Audio mixer

A universal 8-channel Behringer MX882 signal router is designed for mixing effects, display amplification systems, live sounds, theaters, conference halls, hotels, churches and much more. Each channel can function as a mixer or splitter section. The device can be used as a linear mixer (8 inputs/2 outputs), linear splitter (2 inputs/8 outputs), linear amplifier / DI-box (6 inputs/6 outputs) or as a signal level converter (-10 dBV / +4 dBu).

It features a cascade connection of several similar devices: 6 mono inputs, 6 mono outputs, 2 main inputs, 6 input faders, 6 balance/panorama controllers, main input/output controllers.

Performing functions of splitter, linear mixer and signal levels adapter this little “life saver” helped a lot of musicians and sound engineers to solve their professional problems. Regardless of the complexity of your task MX882 will keep the situation under control providing the shortest and clean signal transmission. Adjusting adapters also permit to transform consumer electronics signal level into professional one and vice versa. 

Superior mixing console

(4 mono inputs, 4 stereo inputs, 1 AUX-send, effects processor) Each channel of Behringer XENYX 1202FX has 12 inputs and FX Send control. Assignable CD/tape inputs for flexible routing are provided as well. Sound quality, transparency, overload margin and dynamics of the new XENYX microphone preamplifiers can be compared to premium external microphone preamplifiers. Our neo-classic “British” equalizer provides the sound with warmth and musicality of mega-consoles of 1960s and ‘70s musical history. XENYX mixers with FX symbols are equipped with the new 24-bit effect processor of studio quality. There are 100 first class and usable presets at your disposal. XENYX combines first class analog sound and digital audio technologies. 

Mixer pre-amplifier

APart ZONE4 is a sophisticated multifunctional and multi-zone pre-amplifier. Ultimately, it is not only just pre-amplifier, it includes a matrix audio switch-board sized (3+4)x4, mixer and pre-amplifier. APart ZONE4 has 3 microphone and 4 linear inputs, each of them can be switched to any of the four zones.

8 cable boards can be connected to APart ZONE4 with the help of CAT5 cable. The pre-amplifier can be controlled by RS232 protocol as well. It is possible to switch on phantom power of microphone lines to MIC-2 and MIC-3 microphone inputs with the help of buttons on the back board. MIC-1 microphone input has a priority signal (all linear inputs disconnect at the contact closure on MIC-1 euro block). MICPAT-4 signaling console, developed specially for APart ZONE4, with zone selection and priority signal switch on feature, can be connected to MIC-1 microphone input.

There is a separate volume controller, equalizer, inputs selector and multifunctional screen where all necessary information is displayed for each of 4 zones. 

HDMI splitter

Kramer VM-4Hxl is a distribution amplifier for HDMI signals with resolution up to 1080 and WUXGA inclusive. The unit equalizes the signal and compensates cable's amplitude frequency response thereafter distributes it to four identical outputs.


Logitech Wireless Presenter R400 will help to make your presentation more convincing. Due to the red laser pointer your audience will easily see what you are pointing at. The buttons are easy to distinguish. The device is comfortable to hold in your hand due to its ergonomic shape. It provides fail-safe control from the first to the last slide.

The pointer range makes up to 15 m. The technology working at 2.4 GHz frequency will help you to appreciate the freedom of movement and the ability to work with the audience more closely that will deepen the impression of your presentation. No extra software is needed for the pointer. 

Wireless VGA adapter

WPS-2 device is developed for connection of VGA devices (projector, monitor, TV) to smartphones, tablets, laptops or netbooks via wireless communication channel (Wi-Fi).

Wireless HDMI analogue for HD-content transmission

WSAV511WH device provides wireless transmission of uncompressed video at the speed of 3 Gb/s within the non-licensed range of 5Ghz with the channel width of 40 MHz (enough for transmission of 1080 at progressive scan). The network range makes up to 30 meters, the signal can be freely transmitted through walls therewith the delay will be less than 1 millisecond.