Additional equipment

Rental of additional equipment for conferences 

Equipment                                Size, specifications             Rate, UAH/ 4 hours           Rate, UAH/day (8 hours)             
Projector (Business center) Portable 300 600
Tripod-mounted screen (Business center) 180х180 200 400
LED TV (Business center)  43 inches 300 600
Fixed screen (Conference hall) 406х288 300 600
Fixed projector (Conference hall) 1920*1080, 7000 Lm 400 800
Hand wireless microphone WORK WRD 4160 AF/1 150 300

Sound control desk

8-channel 300 300
Laptop - 200 400
DVD-karaoke BBK DMP1027HD 300 300
Flipchart and markers 100х70 300 300
Paper for flip-chart  20 sheets 150 150
Video presenter-pointer Logitech Wireless Presenter R400 250 250
Technical support - 600 600

 Detailed specifications are available upon request.

The OVIS conference halls in Kharkiv are functional venues with high-quality modern equipment.

We have all the necessary tools for conferences, presentations, meetings and other business events.

Hundreds of business events are held annually, which require high-quality equipment and competent conference services.

Renting additional equipment for conferences is one of the most important components of the correct organization of a business event. Our conference service team is ready to take care of all the details. We offer our qualified assistance, which includes the rental of equipment and halls, catering, and, if necessary, accommodation of all event participants at the hotel.

We have everything you need to hold your conference or business meeting at the highest level. Successful events take place at the OVIS hotel!

You can get more details about equipment rental by calling us: +38 068 103 20 95 or by e-mail: