In-room massage

When going on a business trip or traveling to another city, a choice of the place to stay is important.
Considering hotels in Kharkiv both for efficient work and for good retreat, the OVIS hotel is an excellent option for a comfortable long or short stay.
We know that travel can be exhausting, so our hotel offers to use the service - “Massage in the room”*.
Choose the massage you want and feel lightness in your body.
At your service:

  • classic full body massage;
  • classic back, arm and head massage;
  • sports massage;
  • neurosedative massage;
  • head and face massage;
  • leg massage (thighs, shins, feet).

Our professional massage therapists will help you cope with fatigue, recuperate after a long trip or a busy day and feel refreshed without leaving your room.
Massage benefits:

  • toning muscles and helps relieve tension;
  • promoting healthy blood circulation throughout the body;
  • vitalizing;
  • softening skin and helping to increase its elasticity;
  • toning up;
  • anti-fatigue effect.

Massage in Kharkiv at the OVIS hotel is one of the great ways to find calmness, relaxation and well-being.
Escape from the hustle and bustle of your everyday life at the OVIS hotel to restore your balance of life and spend time in comfort!
* The «Massage in the room» service is provided by prior reservation.
You can find out the cost and types of massages in the SPA center services section of our website.
To book a room and massage call:
+38 067 546 19 29,
+38 050 301 04 29,
+38 057 717 06 33.